About us

Addnode Balkan is an IT company located in Belgrade, the heart of Serbia. We are a great team of people who respect and support each other in everyday work and life!

What do we do?

In a great collaboration with our colleagues, mostly from Sweden but also all around the world, we enjoy designing and building solutions that make life easier and that are used with pleasure.

We are divided into many cross-functional distributed teams, but by using best collaboration tools the distance is usually imperceptible.
In our projects, we help organizations to create more value in their customer relationships, both for their clients and themselves.

We are proud of our extensive competencies and long experience in different areas with an emphasis on web application development, system integrations and CMS implementations and Product Lifecycle Management tools.

We have a long history!

The Swedish company Mogul has been a part of the Addnode Group since 2003. The Belgrade office was established in 2005.
Mogul successfully operated four offices: in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala, and Belgrade. The company was one of the leaders in Sweden working with strategy, web analysis, concept development, visual design, interactive design, technology and project management, enhanced by the strong expertise of developers in Serbia.

In 2017, a new business transformation was made within the Addnode Group. Mogul Belgrade became Addnode Balkan, to make the connection with Addnode Group more noticeable.

At this point, the collaboration between Belgrade office and Sweden extended to some new companies within the Addnode Group. The emphasis from CMS solutions for various Swedish clients has expanded to the development of more long-term products, which have been widely used mostly by the Swedish public sector.

Today  we are the sum of all of our backgrounds!


  • We help organisations to create more value in their customer relationships.
  • We enjoy the most creating innovative solutions. We want them to be used with pleasure!
  • We strive to improve people’s daily lives at work and at home.
We are a part of
Addnode Group

Addnode Balkan is a small company, but we have a strong background provided by our parent corporation – Addnode Group.

Addnode Group is an international provider of IT systems for construction, design, simulation and product data information. The company has a strong position in the Nordic countries and the UK in IT systems for administration and maintenance of properties and workplace management, and is a leader in administrative systems for the public sector in Sweden.

Addnode Group acquires, operates and develops cutting edge enterprises that digitalise society.
The long-term profitable growth is being achieved by developing digital solutions, carrying out acquisitions and optimizing the organisation.

”Our employees are the foundation of our competitiveness, where a combination of qualities such as local presence, industry expertise and systems knowledge are key for our continued ability to deliver products and services that meet our customer’s needs.”

Kristin Wigren, CEO

Addnode core values

· We care about our customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders, and we take a long-term approach to our commitments.

· We create innovative solutions for our customer’s needs.

· We create value through proactive employees who want to make a difference.

To be innovative, we must always develop our skills and dare to question old, faulty ways of solving tasks.

Turn off the autopilot, dare to take new, unknown ways and do it together, with the power of diversity.

We must dare to make mistakes and learn from them!