SOKIGOSokigo is a Swedish company that provides solutions and services for municipal and private players based on their own software supplemented with business-related services.

Sokigo is leading the development of the digital society. By exploiting the synergies between our municipal and private offerings, we can offer a unique competence and modern solutions.

We supply digital solutions based on software and services to the private and public sectors. Through innovation and cutting-edge expertise in collaboration with our customers, we actively contribute to an efficient and sustainable society. Our solutions should be useful in the customer’s business and create added value for the customers.

We want to contribute to a better society

We believe in working sustainably in every way we can. The solutions we develop must be sustainable for the environment, they will reduce stress and monotonous tasks for our customers.

At Sokigo, we also work with sustainability. If we travel, we do so to a great extent collectively, if we travel by airplane, we make sure that the climate compensates for it.

We also want to be part of and contribute to society, so we help Missing People Sweden with secure and efficient software so that they can coordinate their search efforts and find more.

Sokigo in Belgrade

The cooperation between Sokigo and the Belgrade team began in March 2017. It was a great opportunity and a real honor to work with one of the biggest and the most successful companies from the Addnode Group.

The successful collaboration soon extended to other products, and today Belgrade developers are involved in the development of some of the most important Sokigo products.

Belgrade team is mainly oriented towards Microsoft technologies but also following the latest frontend web development trends.

Sokigo products

A user-friendly system for environmental and health protection controls

Sokigo’s digital system for environmental and health protection controls creates a digital flow. The controls are an important part of the municipality’s mission and Ecos helps to make them more efficient. For the supervisor, it is important to quickly and easily find out how safety and hygiene regulations are being followed, for example in a restaurant.

Using the Ecos system makes a big difference, the environmental and health protection controls can be executed much faster. The system is appreciated by all customers, much for the interface, the integrated map and the overview it provides over regulatory objects.


The complete solution for municipal building permit operations

Nova is Sokigo’s solution for municipal building permit operations and offers a digital and automated management of the entire building permit process.

The solution is based on e-services integrated with the operating system, Atom, which handles communication with all stakeholders and Visual Control where administrators manage their cases in smart graphic dashboards. Visual Control also gives managers and administrators the opportunity to follow all processes visually in real time.

For this there are applications for Site Visits, Announcements, Board-related work and statistics for Insight, Statistics Sweden and NKI surveys and integration with My Messages, which are all obvious parts of Nova.

Our systems and applications are modern and standardized expert systems that provide a proven cost-efficient and quality-enhancing solution.


Sweden’s first building permit robot lightens the workload for municipalities and citizens

Sokigo’s robot provides an automated building permit process and creates an unbroken digital chain in construction matters. Atom thinks and knows by itself what the next step in the process is. Atom applies smart business rules and automatically creates the next event in the process flow.

The citizen automatically receives a text message or email when something happens in the system. Atom is safe because it constantly communicates with the administrator about what it is doing.

The system is flexible and can be linked with ByggR and Abou to optimize flows and processes.